Are lossless music and Dolby atmos the way forward?

Apple Music just announced support for two new features: high-quality, lossless audio and Dolby Atmos’ Spatial Audio. These will be available to all subscribers by next month at no additional cost.

Apple says that it will make its entire catalog of over 75 million songs available in a lossless format using ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), which is its alternative to the common lossless compression format FLAC. With ALAC, users can now choose to listen in CD quality, which is 16 bit at 44.1 kHz and going up to 24 bit at 48 kHz. …

With Apple becoming the latest company to adopt Mini LEDs for their screens, everything points in the direction that these could be the future of display tech

You’ve heard of LCDs, LEDs and OLEDs. Almost every electronic device with a screen uses one of these to display information to you. For a long time now, they have consolidated themselves as the usual suspects when it comes to powering a screen. However, the display world looks set for a shake-up with the introduction of Mini LEDs in the arena.

On March 20, Apple launched two new iPad Pro models in their Spring Keynote event. The larger of those models, with a 12.9” screen boasts a new display with Mini LEDs, instead of the LED displays used in previous…

People are spending millions on NFTs. But what does it really mean to own something on the internet?

More than a decade ago, Anand Venkateswaran, an app developer and Vignesh Sundaresan, a journalist, met at a canteen in Chennai. On March 11, they paid $69.3 million dollars for a piece of artwork that does not exist, at least in the physical realm.

The said piece, titled ‘Everydays: the First 5000 Days’, is a giant collage of digital artworks made every single day over the last thirteen years by the prolific digital artist Beeple, or Mike Winkelmann. …

The nineteen-year old has seven Grammys in her bag, and the world at her feet.

When Ringo announced the winner of the Record of the Year at the 63rd Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish held her face in her hands and shook her head. She appeared to transition from a state of shock to disbelief, and then to embarrassment. Not a typical reaction you’d expect from a person who’s won arguably the most coveted prize of the night, for the second year in a row. However, it wasn’t the first time we were witness to such a sight.

Last year’s ceremony, which now seems a decade ago, was a night in which Billie revelled, and did…

Just like oil in the twentieth century, chips could become the defining asset of the twenty-first.

Throughout human history, wars have been fought over a multitude of resources and commodities. Land, water, sugar, spices—all have hitherto served as catalysts for carnage. After witnessing two catastrophic wars in the first half of the twentieth century, a new material came to dictate the global sanctity in the second: oil. Today, chips are the latest disruptors to pose a threat—an economic threat, if not armed.

It’s been a few years since chips have been brewing as a potential candidate to cause turmoil. Industry insiders have been stressing on the strategic importance of the tiny silicon chips and their manufacturing…

Christopher Nolan attempts to tell a simple story in a convoluted way, which unfortunately fails to break any new grounds in the genre.

Like so many teenagers who started developing a fledgling interest in cinema in the early 2010s, I was part of the huge wave, washed ashore at the altar of Christopher Nolan’s filmography. Unquestionably, I was hyped for Tenet. After spending months in a lull with no hopes of watching it any time soon, when I finally got the chance, I wanted to love it so much. I longed for the dopamine and the adrenaline that comes packaged with a Nolan bill. Instead, it was a rush of disappointment in spades.

Let’s start with the good stuff — Ludwig Göransson’s score…

The practice is centuries old and some researchers are now trying to locate more of these freakish books.

Imagine yourself walking down a splendid, sunlit aisle, surrounded on both sides by towering shelves containing a massive collection of quaint, worn-out books. Your nostrils fill with the vintage smell of the library as you carefully draw out a heavy, old book shrouded in what appears to be perfectly tanned golden-brown hide, presumably having survived years and years of blight and decay. There’s a catch though: the book you are holding might just be bound with human skin.

The practise of binding books with human skin goes as far back as the 16th century. The term for this esoteric process…

This June, the European Union Commission opened an official investigation into Apple after Spotify lodged a complaint.

“Apple shouldn’t be able to use their power to give themselves an unfair advantage — harming fans like you and companies like us”, reads Spotify’s custom website, titled ‘Time to Play Fair’. The multi-billion streaming behemoth outlines Apple’s unjust treatment of the company and provides an in-depth look at how Apple has been taking a bigoted stance against them for a long time, which finally prompted them to file a complaint with the European Union in March 2019.

The root of the issue is the 30 percent cut which Apple charges from all developers for subscriptions made through the iOS…

How quarantine led us to develop a fresh outlook towards normal life

It’s fairly easy to lose track of time as days go by like a gentle and swift breeze. Unlike the real thing of course, which has been snagged away from us, as we’re deprived of that familiar sensation of feeling the vehement pollution in our lungs while performing a now forbidden activity of casually taking a stroll. How sardonic is nature’s irony then, that in a time with the sky bluer and the grass greener than ever before, it’s a direct consequence as well as the cause of our unholy entrapment.

By fate or by will, we are a generation…

12 April, 2020, 8 AM PT; somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

“What makes you guys shout and yell so early in the morning?” Kate groaned as she walked into the living room with her dishevelled hair and drowsy eyes, casually swiping away the unusually high number of notifications on her cellphone. She was woken by the loud and urgent conversation of her roommates, Joe and Amar.

“Kate, you would not believe what’s going on.”, Joe remarked in a tone which did little to suppress his thrill.

Amar looked somewhat more concerned as he said, “You know what? Me…

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