People are spending millions on NFTs. But what does it really mean to own something on the internet?

The nineteen-year old has seven Grammys in her bag, and the world at her feet.

Just like oil in the twentieth century, chips could become the defining asset of the twenty-first.

Christopher Nolan attempts to tell a simple story in a convoluted way, which unfortunately fails to break any new grounds in the genre.

The practice is centuries old and some researchers are now trying to locate more of these freakish books.

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This June, the European Union Commission opened an official investigation into Apple after Spotify lodged a complaint.

Spotify vs Apple

How quarantine led us to develop a fresh outlook towards normal life

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

The nation has been rocked to its core by protests surrounding the much talked about and sparsely understood Citizen Amendment Bill (Act), or the CAA and the yet to be implemented National Register of Citizens (NRC). Both of these have long been in the manifesto and the agenda of the ruling party BJP, currently in its second tenure.

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